Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Have been reading a bit off late ... Some of the interesting books that I read in recent times are:

  • Hard thing about hard things - Ben Horowitz
  • Elon Musk
  • How bad do you want it
Even though I have read over 50 books in the last 5 yrs ... these books were the ones which impressed me to a great extent .... 

Back after a long time !

Its been over 5 yrs since I last blogged ... a break during some of the interesting times ...
planning to restart writing again ... lets see .. whether I would be able to do justice to it or not ... 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


What a wonderful tool! Never realised the significance of it , till I came to Singapore. In the last few days it has helped me save some 100+ dollars on calls to India and abroad. I feel that the voice clarity is far better than the normal cell phone, provides for a conferencing facility and no extra costs. It has also helped me in getting in touch with some of my friends abroad ...

one amazing tool, if u havent used it till now, i guess it is time u install this and start using it

Entrepreneurship journey

I was wondering for a long time whether I have it in me to actually become an entrepreneur .. but as things go I stopped wondering.. and got into the act ...

I have now started tredding on the path less travelled ...

as Frost says ..
Two roads diverged in a wood, and
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference

Armed with our vision, strengthened by our passion, with great determination and enthusiasm we have embarked on this journey .. hope this makes all the difference .. not just commercially .. ..

its been quite a while now ... the journey so far as been pleasant with few challenges ...

but still we have a long way to go ...

As Robert Frost said,

These woods are lovely, dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to go before I sleep
And miles to go before I sleep


Back to Bangalore and Blogging

After a hiatus of nearly 5 years from Bangalore.. I am finally back in my hometown .. Bangalore. The city has changed a lot since the days I grew up .. the weather, the traffic, eating places, the people... most of these things hav changed... sometimes I feel alien in my own city .. but thats the cost of development or probably I was away from Bangalore for a long time I believe ...
well now I am back.. doing the thing that I like doing .. doing things on my own .. in my own city .. kinda excited .. lets c how things will unfold ...

Its an irony that I am writing this blog sitting in Singapore :) ... its a long story .. how did I end up in Spore .. will write it in another blog ...


Friday, September 03, 2010

North India Trip

Had been to one of the most exciting, adventurous, educative trips in August . Travelled between Mana Village in the east to Wagah Border in the west, in between trekked in Valley of Flowers, prayed in Badrinath, enjoyed the chills of Shimla, Kulu & Manali, did paragliding near Rohtang Pass, got educated on the Tibetan struggle in Mcledoganj, was awestruck by the moon-lit Golden Temple in Amritsar, Patriotism ran full flow near Wagah Border ....

2500 kms in 15 days in our car evading land slides, heavy monsoons, fog, night-long drives ...

Will pen the experience in future posts ...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Magnetism of books ...

Even though I don't find time to do lots of things I want to do, apart from the daily routine stuff; it is difficult to resist the magnetism of the books. It is not an attraction towards a particular book or a genre of books, but it is an attraction towards any book that can be read / should be read ... I hope it is not an addiction ... but I simply cannot keep myself away from books for a long time ...

But there is an opposite feeling as well .. If I take a long time to complete a book ... or am not able to make significant progress in a book in a given period of time ... I become restless... and I have this feeling which forces me to complete the book asap leaving other things behind ... the hunger of reading a book is replaced by the anxiety of completing the book ... I am not sure whether it is good or bad ... gud coz the book will be completed soon... bad coz maybe the softer elements of the book are compromised ... .... I hope I am not the only one in this boat !!

In the last fortnight, I was able to read two books. Thanks to the long journey I had to undertake to reach my in-laws place !

First one to be done was "Freedom at Midnight" - this is the book I wanted to read for a long time ... but culdnt manage to get hold of it or read it ... If I remember correctly this is the only book that I have bought, till date, from an airport book shop ... (think the airport was the old Bangalore airport)... well usually people buy books in the airport to wail away the waiting time for their flight... but I bought it when I was rushing to catch my flight ... sometimes I can figure out the rationale behind my actions ... I was passing by the book store .. I noticed the book ... went and bought it... this wasn;t the first time I had seen it in a book store and I know that ample copies of the book are available in lots of book stores all over the country... but I had to buy it at the airport and put it in my bag to open it only six or eight months later ... :) !!!

The other one is "The Book Thief" .... I bought it when I had gone to shop for gifts for my wife's neice !! my wife was busy looking out for the gifts and I was busily searching for things which my wife's neice may read, may be, after 15 - 20 yrs ... !!! I plan to write a review of the book over the weekend ... will provide more dope then ...

Currently I am reading "Imperial Life in the Emerald City" - a book about America's attempt to build post-war Iraq.

Ooopss ....

Its been ages since I have penned anything new !! Its not that I didn't have anything to write, there were lots of things happening at my end. I had thought about writing sometimes but somehow I couldn't put the pen to the paper !!

So where was I all this while? What kept me busy ?!! ...
Well, I got married in december ... before december ... was busy preparing for december ... post that I couldn;t get much free time to contemplate about stuff and write about it... I hope that I can push myself to blog once in a while ...

Well I dont want to get into the details of my marriage ... but for the curious folks ... i just wanna say that I am happily married man now !!! :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Commencement Address ...

Here are couple of commencement address I like.

Stanford University 2005
Steve Jobs made this commencement address and rightly called it "Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"

Harvard 2008
J K Rowling delivered on "The Fringe Benefits of Failure, and the Importance of Imagination"

Both Jobs and Rowling share their experience in life in their addresses. They have different stories to tell but the message is more or less similar. Its all about perspectives, the way we want to see things, what lens we want to see them in.

How do Great people happen, r they born with greatness or is it impossed on them or is it how they react/respond to the circumstances that make them great (in the end)!!!

Read them to get your own meaning or perspective!

Sparks !

One of my colleague at office forwarded me Chetan Bhagat's "Keep the Spark" Speech, the inaugural speech made by him to the new class of Symbiosis.

I am neither a fan of Chetan Bhagat nor think high of his writing abilities. Even then, I read the speech. There were few things in the speech that poked my brain. Some of them were
  • Nurturing and protecting the spark !
  • Life is like the nursery school run with a lemon in the spoon. No point coming first if the marble falls
  • Let Go !
  • Don't be Serious, be sincere !
Thought provoking and Inspirational!

If you haven't read it yet, you can do so here

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Yet another incident packed weekend ....

Another weekend .... full of incidents ...
Friday was the great run ... I ran 6 km in the evening... well, I am practicing for the Delhi half marathon on Nov 9 ... dinner .. phone ... then I slept like a log ... was too tired because of the run ..

Saturday... was in office... yes, I know... weekend working ... noy my estyle .. but I think sometimes it helps .. it is a problem only when it becomes a habit ... ya ya ... it starts with sometimes .... within sometime it becomes alltimes !!! :)

Was in Delhi in the afternoon.. and there was yet another bomb blast ... well.. this was prettyy close.. the blast happened on the road which I take to reach Delhi from home ... quiet scary .. guess all bomb explosions should be scary !!!

To top it all ... saw 'A Wednesday' just now ... well... whattay movie.. a must watch... I am not going to disclose anything about the movie ... If u havn't seen it yet ... u need to do it rite away ...

read 'Bringing down the House'... a book on which the movie 21 Blackjack is based ... I picked up from my friend's place ... yup.. I visited a colleague of mine on saturday .. had lunch at his place .. actually shamelessly ... since he was not hungry .. and I had his share of lunch what his maid had cooked ... :)

I am planning to go home this week ... need to give some finishing touches to my marriage preparations !! .. hmmm.... yes.. u got this rite.. I am blushing .... :)

I am hope work will be pretty manageable this week !!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The weekend that was ...

Today is Wednesday and I am going to write about the weekend. Well, It is not about how I am waiting for the coming weekend but my (mis)adventures of the last weekend. Wow! Writing about a weekend on a Wednesday, I will go places with my sense of timing !!

I cant even remember what I did on Friday. I didn't do much I guess, I was up at 6 on a saturday morning so should have slept pretty early. My roommates parents were here, and they took care of my meals during the weekend!

Had an appointment with my Dentist at 12, so set off to Delhi on my bullet. I wanted to reach there before 12, well my last few appointments were pathetic. Once I reached 1.5 hrs late and the next time 15 mins late, so I wanted to make a point to myself by reaching there early. With all the thoughts and preparations, I could manage to leave home only at 11:15, thanks to the maid, who took her own sweet time in sweeping and mopping the house. I rode fast and managed to be there by 12. :) Bravo !!

My dentist was in a good mood, he was going on a holiday to Pune. I suggested another interesting place, Lavasa, nearby Pune. I think I managed to kill his enthu by some 25%, he was regreting why didn't I come a week earlier. :). I had said the right thing at the wrong time, poor guy!!

I had South Indian lunch with my office colleagues. I spoke to the waiters in my mother tongue and got faster response towards our orders than the rest of the ppl sitting there. Things like this happens in India, you see a person from your town, you walk the extra mile to keep the person happy!

After lunch we moved to Oxford Book Store in CP. The ambience of the store is pretty good. The collection was refreshingly different, books categorically placed. The stafff is friendly, the cafe's menu is inviting, the ambience is superb. I recommend you to visit the store when you are in Delhi. The catalogue is pathetic, I asked for few books which they didn't have in their database and I believed them. During billing, one guy found a book which was not in their database! The staff gaped with an open mouth. The security is not so tight and I dont intend to describe it :) .
I almost scanned through the entire collection of books and bought some three books. 'The real price of everything', 'Keep off the Grass', 'Wise and Otherwise' and a book on China - kinda business book.

I met an Alum from my alma mater over there, exchanged pleasantries, exchanged cards and the usual stuff. An entrepreneur bubblin with lots of passion and enthu.

From there we made our way to IHC, to watch Makhrand Deshpande's play 'Sakaram Binder and the Constable'. Pretty decent storyline, but the performance of the actors were stunning !!! Makhrand takes acting to an entirely different level, and the supporting actors did one wonderful job. The performance was very captivating, well it was one of the best plays I ever seen and to think of it, I have seen more than 100 plays - English, Hindi, Kannada.

The real adventure began when I started towards Gurgaon. It was drizzling, I thought it is just a harmless drizzle and started on my Bullet. There were traffic jams on the way, which is an expected thing when it rains. I had no clue how much it had rained when I was watching the play. As I waded through traffic and to some clear stretched down the road, I came across a huge traffic jam in a place where it should have been a free flow. There were no intersections for a few kms, even then there was a traffic jam. Expecting some Vehicle would hav broken down, I slowly made my way on the left side pavement. What came later was a complete shocker. There was water on the road. Rather the road was in the water. It was more of the road going into the pond and coming out. I had never seen so much of water on the road. There was not even a single inch of road that was visible. Cars were making their way slowly through it. Few cars had smoke coming out of them, I slowly made my way. The car in front of me stopped and I braked and put out my leg for support and my feet couldn't feel the ground till my knees were under water. I had never ridden my bike through something like this. I thought the water will flow into the engine and the bike would stall. Thank God, nothing happnd. Once I came out of the water, I could see cars parked on the edge of the road and I could hear the hissing of the engine which wuldn't start. There were few 2-wheelers, the kickers being kicked 'n' no. of times and not even a single sound from the engine. These people had a long night ahead.

I was lucky that night, I thanked all my Gods for their timely shower of mercy on me and I reached my home some 3 hrs after I started off from Delhi. Afternoon it had taken 35 mins to cover the same distance !! Well, time for Delhites to sing "Rain Rain go away".

Came back home saw Kung Fu Panda and slept!

Sunday was chill. Finished 'Keep Off the Grass' by afternoon. Went out in the evening, bought 'Thousand Splendid Suns' and 'Shantaram', bumped into an office colleague, spent some time in the market, came back and slept off.

Well, Saturday was longer than Sunday !!

I have to write my review of the book 'Keep off the Grass' and also "Splendid Thousand Suns", which I finished last night. I will write about them when thoughts flow freely. Right now, the mind is concentrating on the stomach. I guess it is time for me to go and have my dinner.